Top 10 Ranking for IMC’s Learning Suite

The new E-Learning 24/7 annual State of the LMS Industry Report for 2014 is out now. It utilises a visualisation method of providing key data with immediate points of information and provides 50 rankings of LMS’s in 2013 and 2014.

The Learning Suite was ranked on sixth position. E-Learning expert Craig Weiss analysed 582 platforms and came to the following assessments concerning the IMC Learning Suite:

“One click apps along with courses shows off the forward thinking approach of this LMS. The system offers an extended enterprise capability along with multilingual options at no additional charge.”

Craig Weiss attests the following product strengths amongst others:

  • Crisp and modern user interface
  • Native app with on/off synch



The state of the LMS industry 2014 report can be downloaded here:

It includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Latest market trends of the LMS market
  • Forecasts for 2014 covering everything from verticals to feature sets
  • Identification by continent of top growth markets and “countries to watch”
  • Top 50 LMS Rankings
  • 44 mini product reviews
  • 44 LMS Profiles


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