Why Should you use E-Learning Recruitment to help you find your next job?

We understand your skills and industry

Our understanding of your skills enables us to find the best permanent and temporary opportunities to advance your career options.

That’s why you will only be presented with the best opportunities that match your skill set and desired career path rather than be sold positions you are not interested in.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have worked in E-learning and training and/or have extensive experience recruiting for the industry.

We do not send CV’s to clients without prior knowledge and agreement of the candidate.

We accurately match a candidates skills and needs to a client’s requirements and provide advice on the next steps to take their career further.

We provide our candidates with thorough interview information which details everything you need to know to make your interview a success. By working closely with our clients we are able to advise our candidates of the key indicators that the client will be looking for in each interview, thus allowing you to best prepare fully.

Candidate Advice

Our candidates benefit from our professional knowledge of the E-learning/Training industry and therefore we are best placed to advise them with salary guidance and career progression opportunities.

Connect with us

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